Terms and conditions

Please find our conditions and terms of use on this page. We are always trying to make life easier for our valued customers, and we will endeavour our best to this end. We are only human, so please be patient with us also, as we are with you. The following terms are to give some structure to our dealings in several important areas of our business.

Repairs & Unlocking

1. During the process of repair, some or all of your stored data may be lost. Please ensure that you have saved this data elsewhere prior to repair. You should backup your data before dropping off your phone / device to us. We are in no way responsible for any data loss because of damage, loss, theft, intermittent issues, or any other reason whatsoever. Data includes contacts, photos, apps, music, and any data stored on the phone / SIM / memory.
2. All jobs are booked in with a quote fee as specified above. The Quote fee is payable on pickup of the job if the job is not repairable or the customer decides not to go ahead with the repair. Not all jobs are always repairable. If the customer doesn’t wish to pick up the job and therefore not pay the quote fee then we Freedom-Fones reserve the right to recycle the item after 60 days after the phone is repaired
3. All Repairs / Jailbreaks / Upgrades may void the original manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.
4. You agree that after 60 days we will recycle your item in order to recover costs. After 30 days if your item is not picked up you will be charged Storage costs of £15 per month.
5. Only the part repaired & the labour for the part replaced is covered under our warranty. This means that if you have a iPhone LCD repaired and you’re iPhone stops reading SIM cards then this is not covered under warranty. In this case of course only the LCD screen is covered under warranty, not the whole phone.
Please note we offer no warranty whatsoever on phone unlocking, phone jailbreaks, phone rooting, or phone software repairs
6. We do not give refunds on repairs for any reason. If you contact us before your job has yet been worked on, then you will be required to pay the quote fee of at least £5.00.
7. Warranty repairs will only be given if the original receipt is presented.

Product Sales Details

All orders can take up to 2 days to validate. If fraud is detected we will hold the order until all details are verified with the customer. Any item purchased for £0.00 will not be valid.

Warranty Information

New Phones

1. Any new phone deemed faulty within 7 days can be repaired, exchanged or refunded for the full amount upon inspection.

2. After 7 days, any faulty phones will be repaired in store, sent to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

3. Any new phone that is unused can be refunded up to 30 days.

4. Any new phones that have been used and does not have any faults cannot be exchanged or refunded. (we can give a credit note minus £10)

5. All New phones come with a 1 Year Limited Warranty with Freedom Fones, any warranty thereafter is with the manufacturer.
Used Phones

1. Any used phone deemed faulty within 7 days can be exchanged for a different phone or refunded for the full amount upon inspection.

2. After 7 days, any faulty phones will be repaired or replaced for a different model.

3. All used phones come with a standard 3 Month Limited Warranty with Freedom Fones unless stated otherwise.

1. All unused accessories can be refunded up to 7 days and exchanged up to 30 days; this excludes earphones.

2. Faulty earphones can be refunded up to days 7, or exchanged within 90 days.

3. All accessories come with 90 days Limited Warranty unless stated otherwise; this does not cover any accidental damage or breakages.

Product Returns

If there is a problem with any of our products or services, please contact us and it will be resolved.